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Hemsworth Hustle: Breaking Down Chris Hemsworth's Workout Routine!

By Smart Fitness Results 22 December 2023

If you want a god like physique of Thor then you should consider to paying attention to this web story of his workout routine.

Physique of Thor

he mainly focuses on compound exercises for a full body engagement in which squats and deadlifts  contributes to his overall strength.


For enhancing his muscle functionality and to promote his mobility he also focuses on functional training.

Functional training

And for cardiovascular fitness he integrates High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for fat burning.


For building strength and endurance he have also included body weight exercises like Push ups, pull ups and planks in his workout routine.

Body weight exercises

Maintaining a consistent training schedule and focusing on nutrition rich diet are the key secrets of Chris Hemsworth workout routine.

Nutrition rich diet

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