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Why Do My Knees Crack When I Squat? Reasons With Solution - Let's have a look

By Smart Fitness Results 21 December 2023

While you squat you might hear the sound of cracking which is quite common but if it results in pain then you might need to have a look at it.

Knees Cracking

This usually happens due to pressure change from gas bubbles and synovial fluid around you.

Knees Cracking

Generally it happens due to the increased pressure on the knee joint in your body. If it results in pain then you must consult an doctor.

Causes of Knee Cracking

You body undergoes various movements including hip flexion, internal hip rotation which might be the cause behind the sound of cracking so checkout them.

Joint Mobility

Joint mobility exercises Stand in front of the wall with your feet 4 inches away from the wall and try to squat by touching your knees to the wall without lifting your ankles.


Sometimes the muscles are unbalanced around your knees while performing squats so it's best to use an foam roller on your quads, hamstrings and glutes before exercising.

Stretching Exercises

In the article mentioned below have a look at detailed information about why your knees crack when you squat, with all possible reasons and solutions.