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Torso Triumph: Unleashing the Top Upper Body Exercises for Strength!

By Smart Fitness Results 22 December 2023

In this web story we will elevate your upper body strength with some of the best exercises for torso.

Upper body

One of the best exercise you can perform is Push-Ups which activate the overall body, in this exercise you should engage chest, arms and core in proper form.


Pull the weight backwards towards your chest in control motion to enhance your back and arm strength.

Dumbbell Rows

Another best exercise you can do is simple Bicep curls in which you have to lift the dumbbells towards your shoulder.

Bicep curls

If you want to build your shoulder strength you should add Overhead Press for well rounded Shoulders.

Overhead Press

Best exercise you can do for your excellent back is Pull-Ups which will increase the strength of your arms and back.


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