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 Understanding Muscle Fatigue Causes and Effective Treatments

By Smart Fitness Results 22 December 2023

We will be uncovering the causes and effective treatment behind the workout burn to keep your muscle and body in good condition.

Workout burn

There are various factors that causes muscle fatigue some of them are inadequate rest and over training.

Over training

Lack of hydration can also lead to decrease muscle function and cause the muscle Fatigue.


So you should pay close attention on muscle recovery so that you can prevent prolonged muscle fatigue.

Muscle recovery

Make sure to take adequate rest and sleep, keep your water intake balance throughout the day and also implement stretches in your exercise.


Right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and water also plays role in combating muscle fatigue.


In the web-story mentioned below have a look at habits that can improve your energy levels and make you feel fresh.