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Mediterranean Diet For An Healthy Heart - Let's have a look

By Smart Fitness Results 23 December 2023

Mediterranean diet comprises of a wide variety of plants and has authentic natural flavors and methods of preparation.

Mediterranean Diet

According to the studies it was found that mediterranean diet had an very low risk of heart disease. And is one of the best diet recommended by experts.

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet generally consists of Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

Mediterranean Diet 

Mediterranean diet is bansed on the plants and meats cannot be consumed in it. It is planned around vegetables, fruits, whole grains.

Mediterranean Diet 

1) Eat more fruits and vegetables daily. 2) Eat whole grains 3) Eat Unsaturated fats from plants to reduce risk of heart disease.

Tips for Mediterranean diet

4) Include sea food in your regular diet. 5) Eat nuts to get proper nutrition. 6) Consume less red meat and avoid processed meat.

More Tips

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