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Is Eating Curd During Winter Safe? Let's find out the answer here

By Smart Fitness Results 23 December 2023

Curd is consumed in large proportion in every country. It consists healthy nutrients that boosts well-being of overall body.


Some people might not consume it during winter but it is totally safe to consume throughout the year and here's why.


Curd has the ability to maintain the pH levels and helps avoid acidity. And helps in healthy digestive system.

Helps in Digestion

Generally your skin becomes dry during winter. It not only helps to moisture your skin but also might help prevent acnes.

Glowing Skin

Calcium, Vitamin D, protein Vitamin B are some of the nutrients present in curd which makes your bones stronger and make your immune system stronger.

A Lot of Nutrients

Curd contain probiotics which is essential for good gut health. The bacteria helps promote gut microbiome.

Good for Gut Health

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