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Health Benefits Of Watercress That You Didn't Knew - Let's explore them

By Smart Fitness Results 22 December 2023

Watercress belongs to Brassicaceae family. It has an pepper like taste. Let's checkout it's top 5 benefits.


Nutrients like Vitamins A, C, K, and calcium, manganese are present in watercress. This helps in boosting immunity and bone health.

Improves Immunity

Beta carotene and flavonoids are some of the anti oxidants present in watercress helps combat oxidative stress.

Antioxidant Quality

Watercress includes potassium which helps regulate blood pressure. And it may also help reduce inflammation and improve blood vessel function.

Improves Heart Health

According to some studies watercress consists cancer protection properties. Phytochemicals and Glucosinolates present in it can reduce risk of cancer.

Cancer Protection

It improves digestion due to the fiber present in it. It helps to promote gut microbiome and even reduce constipation.

Improves Digestive System

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