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Bicep Blast: Achieving Gains with Dumbbell-Free Home Workouts

By Smart Fitness Results 22 December 2023

Push up is one of the best exercise you can do without dumbbell for your biceps, try doing Dive bomber push-ups.

Dive bomber push-ups

You can also do some of the body weight bicep exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, and inverted rows.


You can use creative item from your home like water bottles or bag of rice as dumbbell for effective bicep workout.

Water bottles

There are Huge benefits of isometric exercises for your bicep development so tried doing it without external resistance.

Isometric exercises

Combine a well rounded exercise and intense home workout by implementing Circuit Training for Biceps.

Circuit Training

Track your progress and adjust the intensity of your exercises and bring some new challenge in your daily routine.

Track your progress

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