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5 Air Squat Benefits That You Are Unaware Of : Let's explore them without a due

By Smart Fitness Results 21 December 2023

Air squats are generally body weight squats where air is used as a resistance. It is an high speed exercise. Let's explore some of it's benefits.

Air Squat Benefits

This exercise is one of the most convenient one as you don't require any sort or equipment or space you can do it anywhere anytime.

Easy To Perform 

Unlike other exercises which requires weight to perform, air squats are easy to perform and you just need to learn the right position once and you're good to go.

Easy To Learn

There are no loads on your body it's just your body weight, so the chances of getting injured reduces drastically.


You often perform squats while picking up something from the floor or even in some sports. With time your body gets used to it and can become more mobile.

Daily Applications

Air squats are easy to perform and there's no need of external weights too. So it's best for everyone to perform anywhere anytime.

Can Be Done By Anyone

In the article provided by us checkout 5 major Air Squat Benefits along with proer way to perform it in detail.