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Last updated on September 5, 2022

Well defined, toned and big arms are the really the panicle of modern fitness. Well, them and abs. Big biceps are something most men strive to have, stretching the very fabric of their shirts gets them all warm and fuzzy. In the case of women most want well defined and tones arms. Now of course, the bicep isn’t just one muscle. In fact, it’s three.


Precisely because of this reason, it is important to train each part of the bicep in order to have the best results. In the following 5 minutes we will look at how to tackle the Short Head optimally.


Anatomy of the Bicep in Men & Women

The Bicep muscle is comprised of a few different parts namely the Biceps Brachii (Split into the Short – and Long Head), the Brachialis, and the Brachioradialis muscle. Each of course having specific functions, but collectively they function to make the whole bicep work.


The bicep has the main function of moving the forearm around the elbow joint. Or, in fancy speak – flexion of the elbow and supination of the forearm.


The Short Head forms part of the Biceps Brachii along with the Long Head. The Short Head has the function (along with the Long Head) to supinate the forearm. This will be the same for both females and males, therefore training should not be different between the two.


Best Bicep Short Head Exercises

Because the Short Head works really specifically around the elbow joint, so we need to make sure we approach training the short head equally specifically to make sure we achieve maximal growth.


Neutral Grip Towel Curl, Seated

Sit on the edge of a chair with a twisted towel under one of your feet, your foot positioned in the middle of the towel. Holding either ends of the towel in your hands and using your foot as resistance, bend your elbows to pull your hands towards your face. Hold and contract for a good 3 seconds before lowering the towel again.



Neutral Grip Towel Curl, Standing

Exactly the same as Neutral Grip Towel Curl, seated; but standing.


Neutral Grip Towel Curl, Lying

Exactly the same as Neutral Grip Towel Curl, seated; but lying down. This will allow you to stretch the arm further, and reach a greater stretch.


Standing Leg Curl

While standing upright, bring the one leg forward and upwards, bending the leg at the knee at 90 degrees. Twist the leg sideways, so to have the one leg cross over the other.  Lean down and grab the ankle of the bent leg, and curl the leg upwards. Resist the pull of the bicep as needed by the leg itself.


Inverted Curl

Place hands shoulder width (or maybe just past shoulder width) on pullup bar, wrapping hands fully around. Place feet forward enough to maintain a hang under the bar with a straight body, arms lining up perpendicular to the chest. Without body motion, bend the elbows to pull upper body towards the bar in a curl manner. When chest reaches the bar, lower the body to starting position – this is one rep.



Chin Up

Whilst standing under a straight bar, grab the bar with an underhand grip shoulder width apart. Whilst keeping the body as stabilized and stiff as possible, pull yourself up whilst driving the elbows into the sides of the back. Pull until your chin reaches the bar, and lower yourself slowly to the starting position. This is one rep.



Hammer Curl, Dumbbells

Stand upright, with a stabilized core, holding two dumbbells either side of your body. Whilst keeping your elbows fixed in your position, raise the dumbbells up, still in a neutral grip. When you have reached peak contraction, lower the dumbbells slowly to return to the start position. That’s one rep.



Hammer Curl, Rope Attachment 

Same as with the dumbbells, but using the Rope Attachment with a cable machine.



EZ Bar Curl, Standing

Grab an EZ Bar shoulder width apart, stand upright, with a stabilized core. While bracing and locking the elbows in place, curl the bar up as far as you can. Once the bar reaches your chest, lower it slowly to the start position. This is one rep.



Reverse EZ Bar Curl, Standing

Same as with the normal Grip EZ Bar Curl, but with hands in a reverse position.



Wide Grip Barbell Curl

As the name suggests, grab a barbell wider than shoulder width, stand up straight with a braced core. Curl the bar up towards your chest without rocking the body. When you reach your chest, slowly lower to the starting position. This is one rep. Make sure that your elbows are not hurting whilst doing this.



Designing your Short Head bicep

Home Workout

Since the muscle in question is already so isolated, a lot of the movements will seem similar, however all work in specific ways.



1.) Neutral Grip Towel Curl, Seated: 4 x 10 per arm

2.) Standing Leg Curl: 5 x 20 per arm

3.) Neutral Grip Towel Curl, Standing: 3 x 10 per arm



1.) Neutral Grip Towel Curl, Lying: 4 x 10 per arm

2.) Inverted Curl: 3 x 15

3.) Chin Up: 3 x 10


Gym Workout

Being in the gym, we will have access to really polish this muscle from various angles.



1.) Chin Up: 3 x 12

2.) Hammer Curl, Dumbbells: 4 x 12 per arm

3.) EZ Bar Curl, Standing: 3 x 15



1.) Wide Grip Barbell Curl: 4 x 14

2.) Hammer Curls, Rope: 4 x 12

3.) EZ Bar Curl, Reverse: 3 x 15



Big or toned arms have become synonymous with fitness. Even further than that, having strong and functional biceps will allow you to live your life with no fear of accidentally tearing a bicep – ask any powerlifter.

About the author  Steve

Steve Theunissen is from New Zealand and is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with over 30 years experience. Read more about Steve in the 'about us' page.

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