Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews of 2023 – Top 5 Recumbent Bikes Compared

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Last updated on March 28, 2023

For exercising in comfort, the recumbent exercise bike should be a no-brainer choice. Unlike your traditional bike, a recumbent fitness bike is a joint-friendly workout device. It takes loads of pressure off your sitting-bones and spreads it over other body circumferences, leading to a comfortable and low-impact workout. A recumbent exercise bike also leaves your hands free, allowing you to do one of the dozen things while getting a workout done. For those who don’t know, an exercise bike of this nature helps with weight loss, rehabilitation, and fitness in general.


The Best Types of Recumbent Bikes for 2023

-Best Recumbent Bike for Home Use

-Best Recumbent Bike for Commercial Use

-Best Recumbent Bike for Senior Citizens

-Best Recumbent Bike for Fat Loss

-Best Recumbent Bike for Budget Shoppers


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Best Recumbent Bike for Home Use


  1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

For anyone who wants to do indoor cycling within the four walls of their home, the Marcy me709 Bike with Resistance should be a fine bet on any given day of the week. Of course, this bike won’t get you triathlon-ready. But then, you can place this bike in front of your television set and entertain yourself while working out. By all means, it’s a fantastic investment for good health returns.

Why Choose this Cycling Bike?

This top recumbent bike is very smooth, non-noisy, effortlessly adjustable, and easy to move around. Seriously, the pedal action on this thing is as smooth as it can get for a bike of this nature. Even the backrest on the bike is exceptionally supportive. Additionally, it features a very roomy seat. Plus, it’s not overly bulky like other recumbent stationary bikes out there. In the area of comfort, there are no close seconds to this home gym bike. Not to mention that you won’t have to spend a stack of cash to acquire this recumbent stationary bike. The price of the Marcy Bike is very reasonable for the quality of the device.

Recumbent Bikes Feature Discussed

The overall structure of the Marcy fitness bike is truly top-notch. It can hold up to 300 lbs of weight. Also, the pedal motion on the bike is whisper-quiet and smooth across the entire rotation. Moreover, it comes with a little LCD display that keeps track of all your workout stats. Above all, the resistance level on this equipment goes up to eight, which is pretty good by home workout standards. Not to discount the fact that the bike can be easily height-adjusted to suit multiple users. Better still, it’s a breeze to get on and off this bike, irrespective of how tall or short you are.

What We Didn’t Like about this Editors Choice Bike?

The product is not engineered for faster assembly. For an average person, it would take a fair amount of time to put this bike together. Also, one might have to ask for help when connecting the computer wires.  That said, the company behind this home exercise bike includes all the tools needed to assemble the bike. Moreover, the accompanying instructions are easy for a layman to read and understand.

Best Recumbent Bike for Commercial Use


  1. 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike

If you want to own a recumbent bike that comes close to what a usual gym-goer uses, the 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike should be in your radar.  Although the cost of this bike is on the expensive side of the price spectrum, it delivers a totally enjoyable workout like no other similar bike out there in the market today. Seriously, this fitness bike has class written all over its body. It’s a high-quality fitness tool that will help you easily break a sweat to reach your fitness goals sooner than usual.

Why Choose this Recumbent Biking Equipment?

Everything about this fitness bike is a cut above the scope.
For instance, the 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike comes with an extremely comfortable seating arrangement. Better still, the bike stays quiet enough to not disturb anyone in the room when you are training. Plus, it comes with a variety of different fitness programs to keep things challenging. Moreover, the LCD screen is fitted with a nice backlight for easy night time viewing. Also, this bike has the smallest possible footprint for the best commercial recumbent exercise bike that you will find around. Not to mention that it’s relatively easy to assemble the bike on your own.

Cycling Bikes: Top Features Discussed

This bike has all fancy features that you would ideally expect from a top-notch commercial recumbent bike in this product category. So, you won’t feel like you are missing out on something. Additionally, this thing is substantially well-made to last in your possession for several years and beyond. The pedal ergonomics is absolutely perfect, allowing you to enjoy a great ride. A little water bottle is thrown in for free as well. To protect your investment, the company also offers a seven-year warranty on the bike.

What We Didn’t Like About the Bikes for Home?

There’s hardly anything wrong with this best recumbent bike 2019. But then, it’s not an affordable commodity. As hinted earlier, this bike carries a high price tag, which reflects in its quality. Therefore, the bike may not suit the wallet of all the budget fitness bike shoppers out there. Even determined individuals might have to save more every month to purchase this top-notch fitness bike.

Best Recumbent Bike for Senior Citizens


  1. Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike is a perfect product for any senior person with mobility issues. Of course, this isn’t to say that this high-rated recumbent machine must be avoided by the younger folks out there. This product is for anyone looking to increase his/her leg strength and cardiovascular fitness. The bike is supremely comfortable, easily adjustable, and absolutely silent during use, exactly how seniors would prefer. To encourage users to shop with confidence, the bike also comes with a five-year warranty.

Why Choose this Bike for Seniors?

The seat on the bike is extremely well-padded and comfortable. Therefore, it won’t hurt your bottom. And, this bike stays quiet during use. The person on the other end on the phone won’t hear a thing. He/she may not know that you are working out when talking to him/her on the phone. Plus, this thing comes with an array of 12 different workout programs that can be set from easy to challenging levels based on your preference. Above all, this bike has an extended weight capacity of 325 lbs. Keep in mind that other models, including the Exerpeutic 900xl bike, maxes out at 300 lbs.

Top Features Discussed for the 325 Capacity Recumbent Bike

This Exerpeutic Recumbent Bike comes with 24 different tension levels, which you don’t often see in a bike of this nature. Most similar bikes cap out at 12 to 15 levels of resistance. The pedal action is also remarkably smooth and effortless. Even the armrests and the handlebars are incredibly well-designed and well-positioned. The back support is fantastic too. Additionally, this bike is built like a solid piece of furniture with an excellent seating position. You can surely expect many years of use from this fitness bike.

What We Didn’t Like about this Top Rated Magnetic Tension Bike?

The manual that comes with this total-body recumbent bike sucks. Not sure why the company didn’t hire native English-writers for this easy job. That said, it’s not a tedious task to assemble the bike with sorely lacking instructions. So, you won’t really look at the messy user manual as a deal-breaking flaw. But then, even little things matter when we have high expectations from a product. At the moment, we can only optimistically hope that the company will shift gears and ship future orders with a remodeled user manual.

Best Recumbent Bike for Fat Loss

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

If you are looking for a well-performing, quiet, and inexpensive recumbent bike to lose weight from home, feel free to pull the trigger on the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Bike. This bike is tremendously smooth and easy to use, allowing you to enjoy cardio training from home. Seriously, you can simply sit and pedal to burn calories while watching your favorite TV show. Not to mention that the pedaling activity will also help you build leg muscles in due time. The best part is that this cardio machine won’t put undue strain on the knees, joints, or bones. In summary; this is great fitness equipment for everyday cardio needs.

Why Choose this Sunny Health Bike?

To begin with; the bike is extremely well-made for something in its price range. You can expect no wobbling or jerks even when pedaling on higher settings, which speaks a lot about the bike’s built-quality. As advertised, it can actually accommodate individuals up to 300 lbs. From big and comfortable seats to great back support, everything about this bike is pretty much spot on. Also, the noise level of this Sunny Health Bike is almost negligible. Moreover, assembling the bike is a piece of cake as well. All the hardware bags are numbered stepwise, making it easier than usual to put this bike together.

Top Features Discussed of this Calorie Burning Bike

Unlike other cheap stationary bikes, this bike has computer-controlled features. The glorified timer shows speed, distance, time, calories burned, and other workout stats to keep users highly engaged during the workout. Moreover, the stats it provides is absolutely accurate. Plus, there are eight different pedal tension levels on this unit that allows a user to vary his workouts. Not to discount the fact that it’s extremely easy to operate. Furthermore, it’s light enough to effortlessly move around from one room to another. Seriously, this could easily end up being your favorite weight-loss tool.

What We Didn’t Like about this Cardio Workout tool?

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Bike is not an ideal product for a bodybuilder or someone along the same lines looking to get in shape for his/her next competition. The relaxed seating position along with the low pedaling resistance won’t offer as much of an intense workout as one would expect to be in quick shape for a competition. That said, this bike can prove to be a fantastic tool for overweight beginners and elderly gentlemen.

Best Recumbent Bike for Budget Shoppers


  1. Merax 3 in 1 Convertible Magnetic Recumbent Bike

If you are looking for a recumbent bicycle that won’t drain your budget, the Merax 3 in 1 Fitness Recumbent Bike can prove to be a wonderful option. Despite the affordable asking price, this magnetic resistance bike is well-made, compact, comfortable, quiet, functional, and foldable, all at the same time. Additionally, it’s height-adjustable to accommodate individuals of different heights without any fuss. In summary: it’s a nice little bike on the market for home use that won’t cost you a fortune.

Why Choose this Exercise Equipment?

The Merax 3 in 1 Fitness Recumbent Bike isn’t your regular recumbent stationary bike. This bike has a two-in-one design to it. Basically, it’s a convertible model that works both as an upright bike and a recumbent bike, saving you the trouble of making two separate investments. Not to mention that the bike can accommodate individuals with long and short legs too. This equipment is definitely a great gym membership money saver. It will boost your cardiovascular fitness and weight loss goals, both at the same time without you having to step into a gym.

Top Features Discussed of this Folding Recumbent Bike

It has an in-built digital monitor that keeps track of vital body stats when training. And, it comes with ten tension levels to make your workout harder or easier based on your preference. Moreover, this bike doesn’t wobble during use like other upright exercise bikes out there. Seriously, the bike stays stable even when you pedal at high resistance. The best part is that you can smoothly fold this magnetic recumbent bike to put it out of the way, when not needed.

What We Didn’t Like about this Total Body Fitness Tool?

The Merax 3 in 1 Folding Recumbent Bike is a home-model bike that comes with basic features. So, don’t expect all the high-end specs that you normally see in a gym bike. If you are looking for fancy features, you will have to abort your mission of getting this budget-friendly bike. Frankly speaking, you will have to look for something more expensive. As long as you keep your expectations right, you won’t go wrong with this best recumbent exercise bike under 500.

Product Comparison: Home/Commercial/Seniors/Fat Loss/Budget Shoppers

Best Recumbent Bike for Home Use:

The recumbent bike for home use may not come with all the bells and whistles. Also, it may not be big on all the fitness statistics. So, you won’t be able to track everything under the sun. That said, a good fitness bike of this nature will come with basic features to help you lead an active lifestyle from the comforts of your home.

Best Recumbent Bike for Commercial Use:

A commercial recumbent bike will usually have a long-lasting lifespan. It will also feature all the bells and whistles that you may ideally expect from a high-end fitness bike. For instance, it will come with stronger components, cooling fan, bottle holders, high-end LCD, chest straps, tablet holder, better warranty, and more. That said, it will cost way more than other types of recumbent bikes out there. Therefore, it’s more suitable for gyms, hotels, or a health club environment.

Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors:

For senior guys, it’s extremely important to pay heed to the product ergonomics when shopping for an indoor bike of this nature. A bad knee or a bad back may cause a lot of mobility issues, which is a common problem among senior citizens. Ideally speaking, one must choose a bike with a step-thru design. The shortlisted bike must also feature extra firm ankle straps to hold the feet in place without causing friction on the knees.

Best Recumbent Bike for Fat Loss:

The best recumbent bike for fat loss must feature a digital system that displays vital workout stats such as the number of calories burned, time is taken, distance covered, heart rate, etc. Also, one must be able to select different levels of resistance to keep varying the workouts. Depending on the selected level of resistance, one can expect to burn 300 to 800 calories an hour, leading to fat loss.

Best Recumbent Bike for Budget Shoppers:

This type of bike is more suitable for financially conservative individuals out there. Again, one may have to go with a bike with basic features to stick with the allocated budget for the bike. Also, one may have to consider low-end brands over here to find suitable spinning bikes that fit right into the tentative budget for the product.

Final Words

For safe, effective, and pain-free workouts, you would be hard-pressed to find a better fitness device than a recumbent bike. It provides a really solid workout without hurting your back, knees, joints, and bones. Even though it’s advertised as aerobic equipment, it develops several muscles in our lower body. Basically, it’s a perfect machine to adapt to a healthier lifestyle in today’s age and time. You simply have to select a low-intensity level and work your way up to a higher intensity workout. If you are a total beginner, check our article with tips for using an exercise bike for the first time. So, get a recumbent fitness bike today to engage in an active lifestyle. Your health will surely thank you down the road!


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Steve Theunissen has qualified from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He has over 30 years experience in fitness and nutrition and currently working with famous fitness professionals. He is currently living in New Zealand with is wife and daughter.

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