Our Simple Guide to Get the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

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Last updated on March 26, 2023

Losing weight is the most common goal of all dieters. Today, there are many ways of achieving fat loss. The high-protein diet, the gluten-free diet, the Atkin’s diet and so on.

One of the best-known methods to make the weight loss faster and effective, however, is by drinking protein powder products. Why should you choose a drink that is loaded with protein? It has been found that protein-packed diets are the surest way to make the pounds melt away.

But just how true is this?

When it comes to diets, a diet that loads up on protein is a healthy choice for weight loss. The best examples of effective protein-loaded diets include the Ketogenic and the Atkins.

These two types of diets have been tried, tested, and proven true when it comes to weight loss. However, protein shakes have to be chosen wisely in order to make it work effectively for weight loss.

You might end up gaining more should you make the wrong choice. How to go about it? What do you have to do for you to get the best weight-loss benefit from a protein shake?

Here are some simple and easy rules to follow to maximize your weight-loss goals:

Look for the source of protein

First of all, you have to realize that there are many different types of protein out there.

Plant-based protein, soy protein, complete protein, hemp protein, egg white protein, whey protein powder, grass-fed whey, vegan protein powder and so on can all contribute towards lean muscle.

There is also another bunch of other essential ingredients you have to consider, such as essential amino acids and vitamins and minerals that will help you lose that weight loss, most of which are added to protein powder.

However, the most difficult thing to consider are the protein powder products themselves. This is because there is no equality among protein powder products.

This makes it doubly important to check the labels of the different protein powder brands. It is wrong to assume that all of them are good simply because they are allowed to be sold.

The court cases filed against a lot of companies claiming to have protein in their products have become too many to count. On the brighter side ,there are numerous protein powder products that make the grade.

It is up to you, as a diligent consumer, not to leave everything to chance. Read the label and make sure that the product does not contain any sources that are unverified.

Ensure that the whey protein ingredient included is grass-fed and natural.

Avoid products that contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and flavors

The best marketing strategies used by various products are taste and convenience. The promise of zero calories along with the sweet taste is often the seduction approach that has—time and again—proven successful.

However, there is no short-cut when your goal is to effectively lose weight while gaining health benefits as well.

It is unfortunate that the majority of protein powder products that claim to be low in carb content are also loaded with preservatives and artificial sweeteners. While this is hardly surprising, what is surprising is that these types of protein products hardly help in shedding off the pounds.

A lot of research has found that more weight gain actually happens when a product is rich with artificial sweeteners.

Stay away from products that contain more than 5 grams of carbs and 150 calories

It is given that going on a diet makes a dieter feel hungry most of the time. That is pretty standard for everyone. This is the reason why dieters always fall for products that feature “sweet and delicious chocolate flavors” and so on.

While protein shakes are recommended by doctors for diabetic patients, the thing to watch out is the high levels of sugar content.

The general rule of thumb is to go for a product that contains fewer than 150 calories and 5 grams of carbs. Those with higher carb levels will negatively affect blood sugar levels. Weight loss will be more difficult if the chosen product contains more than this.

Check out the manufacturing processes of the product

Do not assume that because a product contains whey protein it must be good.

Take the extra step of checking out the manufacturing processes done to the raw protein powder. Red lights to watch out for are protein products that show ion exchange, bioactive peptides, and hydrolysate.

Any product that contains one or all of these manufacturing processes often contains free-radical proteins that cause more harm than good.

Aim for products that contain more than 20 grams of protein content

The label of“high-protein content” can be attractive, but taking time and effort to read the nutritional content is even better.

You need to learn to compare the various protein powder products and aim for the ones that contain more than 20 grams in each serving. Also, ensure that the total calorie content per serving is below 150 kcal.

A richly-packed protein drink is a proven way to keep hunger pangs at bay. Make sure to get the ones that are protein-dense minus the carbs and sugar that will cause blood sugar fluctuations.

What is the best protein product to go for?

Natural and grass-fed whey protein isolate are the important things to look for when choosing a protein shake for weight loss. Grass-fed and natural labels on a product ensure very little processing done which makes them the best and healthier choices.

What makes whey protein so special in weight loss issues? The amino acid leucine found in whey is what makes it extra special. It has been proven by scientific studies to help in muscle building. More calories are burned with more muscle build-up.

What is considered the best protein shake drinking time?

Nutritional experts believe that drinking the protein shake together with major meals is the best way. This does not only improve the digestive process of the body but also makes a dieter feel fuller.

Different Types of Protein

Whey Isolate

This is the most common and popular type of protein on the market, accounting for about 20% of all sales. Whey is a by-product of the cheese making process which was considered for a long time to be a waste product. A few decades back it was recognized as a superior source of amino acids. It is also high in the branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, iso-leucine and valine.

Whey Isolate provides a fast digesting form of aminos. This makes it great to increase muscle when take immediately after your workout when your muscles need quick protein. Whey also has a perfect biological value of 100. The biological value measures the amount of protein that is retained from absorption.

Whey Isolate has a higher biological value than any other source of amino acids. It also has a very impressive protein efficiency ratio (PER). At 3.2 whey has the highest PER of all supplements, being just below eggs which have a PER of 3.9. Whey isolate is filled with important amino acid fractions including

beta-lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin, glyco-macropepetides, immunoglobulins, bovine serum albumin, lactoperoxidase, and lactoferrin.

One of the most popular brands is Orgain Grass Feed whey powder.

Casein Protein

Casein makes up 80% of the content of cow’s milk. When it is digested by humans, it creates a gel in the stomach. This causes a slow release of its contents into the bloodstream. This will take several hours, helping to keep your body in a state of positive nitrogen balance. This is essential to increase muscle mass.

There are 3 types of casein protein:

  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Micellar Casein
  • Milk Protein Isolate

Calcium caseinate is the type that is most commonly used in supplement industry. The best time to take casein is just before bedtime, however it can be taken any time throughout the day. That way the slow release of amino acids will occur throughout the night to repair and rebuild your muscles.

Milk Protein

This form comes from skim milk and is a mixture of both whey and casein. It contains all of the essential aminos along with some non-essential amino acids. Milk protein concentrate contains between 40 and 85% protein by weight, with about 4% lactose. This is a slow digesting protein. It is also good to take in the evening. Again, though, it can be taken any time throughout the day. It is a neutral, clean and easy mixing form of protein.

Egg Protein

Egg protein is extracted from egg whites. Eggs are an excellent protein source. It is both fat and lactose free. Nutritional experts consider eggs to be the gold standard in terms of protein quality. It is easily digested by the human body and contains all of the essential amino acids. They also contain all of the branch chain amino acids. Eggs also provide an ideal source of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

Egg protein is a good option for people who cannot take milk products because they are lactose intolerant.  One negative with eggs is that, because of their high sulfur content, they may cause gas and bloating.

Beef Protein Isolate

Beef Isolate is a new player on the supplement market. It comes from beef which has the fat and cholesterol removed. Just like whey, beef is a fast digesting form of the powder. It is a good source of BCAAs as well as minerals, and vitamins. Beef is especially high in creatine. Right now, the only type of beef supplement on the market is Beef Protein Isolate. 

What About Vegetarian Protein?

When most people think of protein powder for weight loss, they think of animal sources. Whey from cows is the most popular by far. But animals are by no means the only source of protein [powder supplements. Right now, the only account for about two thirds of the worldwide market. The other third comes from vegetables.

People who are vegetarians will naturally go for vegetarian protein powders. But there are some pretty good reasons why even meat eaters should consider giving the vegetarian option a try. One of the best and most popular options is pea protein powder. Let’s check out its benefits:

  • It has a high protein content of 85%
  • It has an excellent profile of essential amino acids
  • It is a great source of arginine (8.7% arginine per gram of protein)
  • It is high in the essential amino acid lysine
  • It is easily digestible
  • It is suitable for people with allergies and intolerances

Pea protein is released faster than casein but slower than whey. The intermediate speed of digestion provides a third option between the main two forms when you are deciding how quickly you want the amino acids to get into your muscle cells.

A further benefit of pea protein is that it is cheaper than animal sources. Peas are legumes, which are great sources of amino acids and fiber. They are also low in fat.

So, how are peas turned into pea protein powder? The peas are cleaned and ground into flour, which is then separated with water into various components, including protein. The protein then coagulates into a paste before being solubilized and spray-dried and granulated so that they blend easily. No chemical solvents are used during the extraction process; just water.

Another popular form of non-animal protein is soy. It is refined from soy flour that has the fat content removed. It is high in both essential and non-essential amino acids. Soy protein isolate contains 90% protein content. It is also very low in carbs and fat content. Soy also provides a terrific source of phyto-estrogens. It used to be thought that soy lowered testosterone levels in men but this myth has been debunked.

Are protein shakes effective meal replacements?

Meal replacement shakes are products created to provide ease and convenience for people on the go. However, when weight loss is the goal, drinking protein shakes as a replacement meal is not highly advisable.

The best method for weight loss goals is still to stick to your daily macro calculations. Increasing protein intake is always beneficial to every individual. It is even more so when it comes to weight loss.


The search for the best product for weight loss is constant and never-ending. However, going for protein-rich foods as a way of melting off the pounds seem to provide a better and healthier alternative than most diet fads.

Science has backed this method with their numerous researches showing people achieving trimmer waistlines and lower BMI when they opt for protein-dense foods than any other.

Steve Theunissen has qualified from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He has over 30 years experience in fitness and nutrition and currently working with famous fitness professionals. He is currently living in New Zealand with is wife and daughter.

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