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Last updated on September 5, 2022

Most of us are well aware of the amazing power and benefits of yoga practice. However, this practice can also be a bit intimidating—especially for beginners. Somehow, the positions yoga practitioners get into look almost impossible to follow. With our beginner yoga positions for strength building, you can build enough strength for performing tons of different exercises.

Can you build strength with yoga ?

Research published in the US National Library of Medicine confirmed that yoga exercises significantly improved musclar strength, flexibility and lowered resting heart rates.

Doing yoga will help you build strength and improve flexibility based on research published.  

What are 9 types of yoga poses to help build strength ?

The study also made reference to previous studies which confirmed improved truck and abdominal muscular strength.

The 9 best beginner yoga positions for strength building are:

  1. Sukhasana Pose
  2. Adho Mukha Svanasanaor Downward-facing Dog Pose
  3. Dolphin Plank Pose
  4. Samanasana Pose
  5. Side Plank for Beginner’s Pose
  6. Downward Dog Split Pose
  7. Utkatasana Pose
  8. Standing Split Pose
  9. Tree Pose


What yoga poses build strength ?

Doing yoga exercise correctly ensures you obtain the maximum benefit and reduces the risk of injury. We have provided you with step by step instructions for the 9 yoga exercises.

The 9 yoga poses that help build strength are:  

1. Sukhasana or Meditation Pose

basic yoga position

  1. Sit comfortably and cross your legs
  2. Concentrate on your breathing by closing your eyes
  3. Focus by counting your abdominal breaths as they go in and out
  4. Do this silently for one minute
  5. Each time your mind wanders away, coax it gently back
  6. Do not feel judgmental every time your mind wanders
  7. Start by creating a non-judgmental environment for one minute until your mind becomes calm and steady

2. Adho Mukha Svanasanaor Downward-facing Dog Pose

yoga training

  1. Come on the floor on your hand knees
  2. Rotate the shoulders externally by straightening the arms until you feel it spreading to your shoulder blades
  3. Lift up from the floor by pressing hard into your hands
  4. Turn your eyes to your belly button
  5. Contract the muscles of your lower abdomen as you push your top thighs and stretch your legs upward and try to push your heels down
  6. Count five deep breaths before letting go of the pose

3. Dolphin Plank Pose

yoga plank position

  1. The next sequence from downward-facing dog pose is the dolphin plank pose
  2. Start by spreading your shoulder blades as you directly put elbows under the shoulders
  3. Maintain the balance using your elbows
  4. Contract the lower abs by tucking in the lower ribs
  5. Contract the buttocks as you draw the legs close together
  6. Stay in a table position
  7. Count five deep breaths as you hold the pose
  8. Lower your body to the floor slowly to rest for a couple of seconds repeat for at least three times

4. Samanasana or Equal Balancing Pose

  1. It’s natural to roll over to either your left or right side after performing the dolphin plank pose
  2. Stack both legs together directly on top
  3. Rest and balance your body either on your left or right side arm
  4. Straighten the spine and avoid the temptation of flexing or arching
  5. Contract the lower abs, hip flexors, and the buttocks
  6. Extend the opposite arm upward if you can do it
  7. Focus on the fingers of the raised arm
  8. Count five breaths as you hold the pose
  9. Repeat on the other side

5. Side Plank for Beginner’s Pose

yoga group training

  1. Position your body to the side in straight alignment
  2. Put strength to the shoulder of the chosen side by tucking in your buttocks and contract the abs
  3. Slowly raise the body with the support of either the right or left hand as both legs remain close together
  4. Extend your free arm upward and focus on the fingers
  5. Count five breaths as you hold the pose
  6. Repeat on the other side

6. Downward Dog Split Pose

  1. Assume the dolphin pose
  2. Extend either the left or right leg
  3. Raise your heel as hips remain level
  4. Count five breaths before switching over to the other leg

7. Utkatasana or Awkward Chair Pose

  1. Assume the standing position with legs close together
  2. Raise your arms upwards as you bend your knees and lower your body slowly
  3. Shift your weight into the heels
  4. Hold the position for five breaths before going back to the original pose
  5. Try to bend a little lower on the next rep

8. Standing Split Pose

  1. Assume the standing position with your feet close together
  2. Lift either your left or right leg as you bend forward toward to the floor
  3. Place blocks on the floor if you cannot bend toward the floor during your first few attempts
  4. You can also wrap one arm or both arms to the standing foot to achieve a better balance
  5. Hold the pose for five breath counts and switch sides

9. Tree Pose

yoga tree pose

  1. Stand upright and bring the sole of either the right or left foot to the inside left or right thigh
  2. If you find it hard to do this the first time, put the sole of either the right or left foot to the calf of the opposite foot
  3. You can also let the hands help bring the sole of either of your right or left foot to the calf or thigh of your opposite foot
  4. As you balance on one foot, bring your hands toward your heart or over your head
  5. Try to hold on to the pose for ten breath counts
  6. Switch over to the other foot

10 Yoga Health Benefits

Yet, the health benefits the asanas or yoga is undeniable. There are 10 Yoga Health Benefits supported by  science:

  1. Heart health
  2. Lowers anxiety levels
  3. Reduces chronic pain
  4. Improves balance and flexibility
  5. Enhances the quality of sleep
  6. Uplifts the quality of life
  7. Reduces inflammation
  8. Helps with stress relief
  9. Improves muscle strength
  10. Encourages healthy eating habits

The word “yoga” derives from the ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit. The literal meaning of yoga is the union of the spirit and the mind.

Yoga has been practiced in India for thousands of years and is still the most popular form of physical and mental practice today. This is because yoga is the only practice that exercises the mind, spirit, and body.

With that said, what are the proven asanas and yoga positions that can greatly contribute to a person’s well-being, especially for beginners?

The sequence yoga poses for beginners described below is proven for improving and building the strength of the legs, core, and arms, as well as the chest, thighs, and general upper body. In fact, some of the following yoga poses are good for the entire body. Beginners are not required to achieve all the yoga sequences all at once as they can be tough and injuries can happen if not done correctly. The best tactic is to gradually add a pose to your daily yoga practice. To begin with, you do not need yoga teachers or expensive yoga classes. The power of your will is sufficient.

The child’s pose is a great way to take a break between poses if you find everything becomes a little tough. A humble attitude is also encouraged as you begin the basics and work on them every day. Now, lets dive into the best beginner yoga positions for strength building.


As with everything else in this world, the first time to do something is always going to be a little tough. The same rule applies when you decide to practice yoga.  There a lot of beginner yoga positions for strength building and building flexibility. However, nothing can stop a person from attaining the perfect shape and health during their lifetime. Yoga is the only known practice that encapsulates everything we need to improve in our lives including our body from our toes to our core strength. The mental and physical discipline of the yoga practice is unique bar none.

Karla Isaac is an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certify Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach (ISSA CNC) with over 10 years of experience in Fitness and Nutritional one on one personal coaching. She has lived, work and study in California for 14 years. Karla’s passion for fitness began when she was 22, due to feeling unhealthy and overweight. Ever since she’s been passionate to change her life and help others transform their lives by making health and wellness accessible, so they can achieve their goals for a healthier and a more active life style.

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