7 Benefits of Using Battle Ropes & 10 Best Exercises

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Last updated on September 5, 2022

Sometimes referred to as heavy ropes, Battle ropes have become the new gym phenomenal in the fitness trends all over the world. It is nonetheless not new to sports enthusiasts as it used to be a personal training tool for footballers, athletes, martial artists as well as fitness classes.

It just recently found its way to the gym. Most fitness lovers love it because of its high-intensity body moving workout that pushes your muscles beyond their limit. Learn more about major battle ropes benefits.

As compared to the usual weight training that is hard to know if you are lifting them correctly, battle ropes are dynamic and can direct your movement to the desired positions ideally. You can drag, whip or slam the ropes; however, the most significant roping style is the wavy undulating movement.

In most cases, a group or team of people can have a wave moving competition which always adds fun to the exercising process.

Those who have watched the Gatorade commercial and any professional athlete footage of training. You must have noticed how they move about with the battle rope workouts into different styles. They not only do some fun stuff right, from turning giant tires to swinging kettlebells battle ropes are exceptionally an athletes companion.

One thing I have always loved about battle ropes is, the thudding sound as it hits the ground with each move a muscle is pulled a fat is toned. It might not be some exercise you are not used to, but it can’t have a comparison with other forms like weight lifting which is not even my favorite.

Remember one thing, these athletes are professional with professional world gym trainers so whatever they are doing with the ropes shouldn’t be

Are Battle Ropes Good or Bad?

In so many cases there has been a lot of talk on battle ropes and the connection with messing up or injuring your shoulders. But these are just the same claims on deadlifts that have been said by some bloggers to be dangerous for your back and also squats to be hazardous for your knees.

What causes injury in work out the world is terrible form — poor coaching and not understanding the different battle rope training movements that will be discussed later in the article. Lack of proper know-how will make you put your shoulders at risk with actions that are uncomfortable to the body composition. There is no difference between boxing or swimming or even basketball if you do not adequately use your arms very well; you are most likely to get injuries.

Don’t try positions you are not well versed with or comfortable with to avoid the risk of injury. The body can adapt, but slow adaptation is how the body is built. The most crucial aspect in battle ropes is keeping your balance and coordination while keeping up with the different motions as you maintain strength.


Major Benefits of Battle Ropes


1. Fast and easy work

This type of work out is suitable for people who can’t stay long in the gym more so if you are preoccupied or can only spare 1hour gym time daily. This only means you will have to choose an exercise that doesn’t need much time, but the results are magnificent.

So instead of the heavy gym metals, I chose the latter. You can even have only a 20 minute gym time with a battle rope, but your body muscles will be pushed to the edge.


2. Melt that unwanted Fat – Fat Loss

Battle ropes will burn those fats more conveniently as compared to other forms of exercise. This can be about 300 loads of calories to 500 in every half of an hour! Amazing right.

There is no any additional foam of activity that can reach this calorie burning level not even jogging around for hours. This type of exercise does not only rave up your calories burn but also improves on your metabolism levels to a dramatic level after every workout.

This EPOC effect that you get after a series of your rope training can reduce your fats drastically hence giving you a more lean body that is attractive.


3. Burning fat and building muscles 

Efficiency is the ultimate goal for every, and battle ropes are the final whole-body workout routine.

Nobody these days would choose weight lifting over the latter because of its shenanigan that only focuses on one area, building muscle. You might even fail to achieve your end goal with other forms of workout.

You can produce two with just one exercise when it comes to battle ropes. You are going to improve on your heart beat rate as you build on biceps, core, and shoulders, as you are doing away with the fats on those areas. I don’t see the need for creating many muscles as fats remain wrapped on your body. These ropes can improve your metabolism and give your muscles the push they need simultaneously.


4. Stability

Despite pulling ropes, lifting ropes or creating waves, stability is guaranteed. Just put it into this perspective, those old school sailors who had to lift, pull, tie and wrap the ropes to balance the ship.

The person we are talking about doing all these things is a stable character that does his all to gain balance despite the weather. These different rope movements are bound to give you the anticipated type of stability the lower and upper body needs.

The system is programmed through your body to help cleanse your nervous, pulmonary and other vital body organs with this type of exercise.


5. Easy for carrying and traveling 

We all know how hard it is to carry most of these sophisticated gym equipment. If it is not hiring a van, then you have to leave them where they are.

Most gym equipment is either heavy, sturdy or massive making them not easy to move around with even in the gym. Unless you have A Hummer, but still again it is not a good idea to move about spin bike or barbells. This is different from a Battle rope as they can be stored or carried in duffle bags easily.

The bigger ropes only weigh 30 lbs. They are potable enough to be taken in any bag on your way to any place of the world. I am not creating an assumption that these ropes can be airlifted with you while traveling wherever you are going, but the point is they are the easiest to carry working out equipment.

Kettlebells are tinny too, but they are not the prettiest to carry around in your backpack.

If you need a great and fun workout routine at the gym or beach and create enough space, then I would recommend battle ropes.

6. Calm and Fresh the way to go

With stair masters, heavy equipment and treadmills, they lack workout variety. You are only limited to going back or changing speed. Working out using battle rope is all over YouTube can give you the gritty nitty of the workout ideas with battle ropes.

It is easier to do three times a variety workout every day entirely. You can switch from evil Santa’s, ultimate warriors to Donkey Kong’s mixing them interchangeably.

These moves will help build your muscles and mind too. Your body will gain mobility and stability while creating strength, power, and endurance.

Any sequence of movement from innovative results or Onnit will suffice; however, the weak areas should be the point of focus by the athlete. Like the shoulders, grip, knees, core, ankle, and foot mobility increases there will be an improvement on you or an athlete in the performance.


7. Very easy to set up

If you have ever tried setting up some of these complicated gyms equipment, then you will know and appreciate battle ropes. It is almost next to impossible if you don’t know how to set up most of these machines meaning you will have to hire an expert.

Trying to assemble a pull-up bar, or an exercise bike can be a complete disaster. However, using battle ropes, you are only required of a point for your anchor which you can use a railing or telephone pole or a partner’s foot you working out with.


How To Use Battle Ropes?

battle ropes workout training


1. Double Wave

This exercise can bring out the fitter form from you and help you master battle ropes essential practice. To maneuver this, face the anchor while standing while your feet shoulder apart. Hold each end of the battle rope with your hands facing each other. Slightly bend your knees, your core must be braced then finish by moving or rotating your two arms rapidly up and down building waves.


2. Alternating Wave

Here it’s all about wave making!

Face the anchor while standing with your legs or knees spread apart slightly. Hold the rope ends with each hand while your palms are enclosed in. Place the rope on your side to your shoulder and quickly recline back to begin the process, while increasingly raising your other arm at shoulder length continuously.

You can change the pace as much as you like.

3. Low Alternating Wave

This one could seem the same with an alternative wave in terms of movement, but this one works on your lower body.

The difference here is you are squatting instead of standing and put your core into action while moving your hands like you are doing with an alternating wave.

4. Shoulder Circles

Just like its name your shoulder is put into work! It might seem simple, but the results are dramatic. The shoulder strength this move gives you is exceedingly helpful for athletes, swimmers, and boxers.

With slightly bent knees and your feet shoulder placed apart your palms or hands facing down, hold the rope. Your arms should be moved in circles as you lift your arms over the shoulders.

For about 30 seconds you can do the clockwise circles ( inside circles ). Then the anti- Clockwise for the same time too ( outside circles ).

5. The Snakes on the Floor movement

This is the most fun and killer move that builds or works on your shoulders.

Face the anchor while standing and a little wider place your feet with your shoulder spread apart holding the ropes to your sides. Place yourself into a squatting position as you widely pull your arms into a parallel posture adjacent to your ground. Don’t cross your hands but towards each other move inwards and outwards your arms.

The point is to make snake movement on the floor with the ropes.

6. Shoulder Press

Dumbbells and barbells are not the only shoulder presses tools you can use. Battle ropes are legible too.

Put a lot of tension on the rope by grabbing the ropes and placing the weights of the movement on your shoulders. The ropes should be placed upward if you are to achieve this. Bring the rope movement to up and down motion.

7. Power Slam

This doesn’t even need an explanation the term power is enough to show you that the exercise is vigorous. Power slam is an excellent exercise with dramatic results.

In beginning this exercise, your feet hip should be wide apart while holding with each hand the rope ends. Place your arms both of your arms upward with force then hit the ground hard with the rope. Lower yourself into a squat as you repeat the movement. You can then stand up as you slam hard on the ground with the rope repeatedly.

8. Side Slam

You can use the side slam to bring you that desired fitter physique.

Do the side slam with your feet wide apart as your slightly bent knees. Get a hold of the rope with your palms folded in. Hold the rope tightly as you brace the core on your left body side. Place your arms above your head as you rigorously hit the ground with the rope.

Continue this repeatedly.

9. The Arm Power Slam(alternate)

The talked about power slam is the same as the arm slam; the movements are the same but only different at the number of arms you are using.

Here you are only required to use one arm to exact the power slam. You can achieve this by interchanging the arm sets.

One set for about 5 minutes using one hand then the next set with another arm.

10. Tuck Slams

The push-up and this position are the same. Hold the end of the rope and swing inwardly, do this while using your feet to jump while moving your knees close to your chest. It can be compared to the plank tuck the difference is the landing.

After making the jump, you can put your legs into a push-up technique. Next, you can jump but with your feet wide apart while holding firm the battle ropes. While doing this exercise make sure your arms are highly raised over your head while you are standing on your toes. Place your body into a squatting position as you tuck slam the rope.

Get back to the push-up style of posture.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What muscles are worked by battle ropes?

That really is up to the user. Battle rope training benefits you to work every muscle, from your head to your toes, giving you a fullbody workout. If you wish, you can make the workout more focused on your forearms and upper arms. Or you can make modifications to more emphasis on your delts, traps, lats, chest, core, quads, hamstrings or glutes. Battle rope exercises are good for strength training, especially in the arms, shoulders and lats. You can also increase the conditioning aspect of the workout by adding in things like lunges and side to side rope exercise movement. This will improve your aerobic capacity.

Do battle ropes provide a good core workout?

Yes, battle ropes are a very effective workout for the core. A 2015 study showed that unilateral waves using battle ropes are one of the most effective functional core exercises that exist.

What makes battle ropes such a good functional exercise?

Battle ropes are an excellent functional exercise because the allow you to move in any direction very quickly. This allows you to build your levels of agility, balance, coordination, strength and power all while boosting your aerobic capacity.

Can I just do battle ropes for my workout?

Theoretically you could just use battle ropes to complete your workout. That is because a major benefit of a battle rope workout is that it hits both your aerobic and your anaerobic systems at the same time. In other words, there are both cardiovascular and strength building benefits to working with battle ropes. However, if you are intent on building lean muscle mass and strength, you will find the resistance of the battle ropes too limiting to make appreciable gains. So, the best way to use battle ropes is to improve cardiovascular health to complement a resistance training program with weights.

How long do you need to do battle ropes to get results?

A 2016 study showed that 10-minute bouts with the battle ropes were enough to produce significant gains in muscular strength and endurance in both men and women. Rope exercises are also a great way to burn calories. Doing battle ropes for 10 minutes has been shown to burn almost twice as many calories as if you spent that time on a treadmill! That makes them great to help you lose weight.

Are battle ropes good for developing grip strength?

Yes, battle ropes are a very effective way to develop your grip strength. In fact, a recent survey found that doing a 10-minute bout of battle ropes three time per week was more effective at developing grip strength than doing dedicated grip strength building exercises with weights.

Who are battle ropes best for?

Battle ropes are an effective form of exercise for everyone. Battle rope exercises are especially good to build endurance in runners and cyclists. The versatility of battle ropes means that they can be used by all levels of exerciser. Battle rope exercises are great to help you lose weight as they burn more calories than most other exercises.

If you are a powerlifter, battle ropes are a great way to develop that all-important grip strength. Studies have also shown that battle ropes are one of the safest exercises for exercisers who are overweight because they are so low impact on the joints.


We hope you have found our battle rope training tips useful and that you can use them in your workouts for periods of time to improve muscles and burn fat. Despite battle rope being an aggressive type of workout ( HIIT workout ) that is always brutal or intense, it is still advisable to tone down your workout to reduce the risk of injury. This is important more when you are trying to recover from an injury or as a battle rope beginner. Where needed use a personal trainer to teach you or read / watch vidoes on youtube online and learn from experienced people like Aaron Guyett and John Brookfield.

There are simple rope routines that can help you achieve your work out goal without trying so hard. The mentioned above styles may sound hard, but they are the simplest if promptly followed.

Most of these styles will use your natural body motion to give you optimum results. Make sure you follow the steps given above to help you avoid work out accidents.

You need to know too that battle ropes also come in different weights just like dumbbells are. You can always start with the lighter ropes as you go higher with each step.

So as you can see one of the benefits of battle rope workouts is you can train the entire body. So when you need significant impact but with less work out time it makes a great choice.

For more guides, check out our fitness blog. This includes elliptical workouts for weight loss.

Joe Martin is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC) and Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-PST) with over 15 years’ experience in personal training and nutrition. Joe was also a former New York Giants Football Player and has his own fitness website Jerseyjoefitness.com

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