7 Best EZ Bars In 2023 To Up Your Fitness Game

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Last updated on February 11, 2023

Lifting weights is an essential strength training exercise, helping to build muscle mass, burn body fat, and lower injury risk. Although various weight-lifting gear is available, one study recommends the EZ bar as the most effective.

EZ bars have tortuous points/bends distinguishing them from standard weight lifts. According to the study referenced above, the EZ bar induces higher activation of the biceps during concentric and eccentric muscle contraction than straight barbells or dumbbells. Moreover, it is more ergonomic than the barbell.

However, EZ bars vary in quality, efficiency, and safety. Fortunately, below is an overview of the best EZ curl bars to help you ace your strength training goals.

  1. Best Curl Bar Overall: YESUNEED Olympic Barbell EZ Bar Curl
  2. Runner Up Best Curl Bar: Elevens Olympic Barbell EZ Curl Bar (15 lbs)
  3. Best Curl Bar for Versatility: Elevens Olympic Barbell EZ Curl Bar (22lbs)
  4. Best Curl Bar on a Budget: E.T. ENERGIC 47-inch Olympic EZ Curl Bar
  5. Most Robust Construction: RitFit 2-inch Olympic EZ Curl Bar With Weights
  6. Best Value for Money: SPARTAA Olympic Barbell Weight Bar
  7. Best Satisfaction Guarantee: Elevens 4 ft EZ Bar Curl Barbell

Best Curl Bar Overall: YESUNEED Olympic Barbell EZ Bar Curl

The YESUNEED EZ Bar Curl is a gym-grade Olympic bar, ideal for home use. It features an ergonomic design and top-grade specifications to facilitate a safe, effective bicep, tricep, pectoral, back, and leg muscles workout.

Its ergonomic design includes gentle curves along the shaft, allowing a comfortable wide or narrow grip. The curl bar has a 170,000 PSI tensile strength; one expert report recommends the rating as ideal for commercial-use products. Moreover, it is sturdy, featuring heavy-duty steel chrome construction, including a hardened chrome shaft.

Besides design and sturdy construction, the YESUNEED brand includes multiple ergonomic and safety features on the barbell. The bar features a 2.8 mm (medium-level) knurling non-slip handle for a comfortable grip. The handle’s peaked diamond knurl pattern, featuring dual knurl marks, helps reduce wrist and arm tension while performing various exercises with the EZ curl bar.

Also, the barbell features bushing for a smooth spin on the sleeves and has a good whip, preventing flex and bending issues. You can find this EZ Bar Curl in three weight-bearing capacities, 300-700 lbs. Moreover, YESUNEED offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and replaces all malfunctioned products.


Single integrated piece eliminating disassembly need

Multiple bar options

Requires zero maintenance

Sturdy, durable construction

100% satisfaction guarantee


Requires a clap to hold weight plates in place.

EZ curl bar weight set not included.

Runner Up Best Curl Bar: Elevens Olympic Barbell EZ Curl Bar (15 lbs)

The Elevens Olympic Barbell EZ curl bar is the perfect curl exercise addition to your home gym. Despite being on the lower side of the curl bar weight spectrum (the higher side is 14kg), the bar has a 190000PSI. Hence, it can withstand weights of up to 300 lbs with zero flex or bend issues.

The versatile curl bar features ergonomic shaft angles, facilitating the perfect grip for various curl exercises. It also features medium-depth knurling, allowing you to maintain a firm grip while sweat drips.

All Elevens EZ bars feature bushings and bearings in a single integrated unit for a good whip. They feature four needle bearings per sleeve, allowing the spinning sleeve to move effortlessly while loaded and to remain unrestricted at all loads.

Elevens performs rigorous testing on all their curl bars, including EZ bar weight, to ensure they are comfortable, effective, and safe. The Elevens curl bar is available in two sturdy finishes, stainless steel chrome, and black oxide. Both finishes feature anti-corrosion properties for durability.


Integrated unit for minimum maintenance

Reasonably priced

Sturdy finish

Rigorous testing

Compatible with 2inch Olympic weight plates

Spring chip included in the package


Clamps for holding the weight plate are sold separately

Best Curl Bar for Versatility: Elevens Olympic Barbell EZ Curl Bar (22lbs)

The 22lbs Elevens Olympic EZ curl bar is an ideal home gym equipment for upper body exercises. Workouts with the EZ curl bar help isolate various muscles, aside from the biceps and triceps, for an enhanced strength training workout. You can perform multiple exercises with the EZ bar, including front and back squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

22lbs (10kgs) is on the lower side of the spectrum, given that the EZ bar weight influences its load-carrying capacity. Therefore, this 47” Elevens EZ bar has a load-bearing capacity of 330 lbs and is ideal for amateur and intermediate use. Experienced weight lifters can opt for heavier versions of the EZ bar, which have higher weight-bearing capacities of 700 lbs,1000 lbs, and 1500 lbs.

The gym-grade quality EZ bar has multiple efficiency features, starting with its high tensile strength at 190000PSI. It features a delicate shaft angle bend, protecting your wrist from injury.

Also, it features a medium-depth diamond knurling that facilitates a firm grip without bruising the palms. Moreover, the EZ bar features a 2-inch sleeve diameter mounted with a roller bearing for an effortless spin.

However, unlike the lighter 15 lbs Elevens EZ bar model, it does not feature needle bearings. The steel alloy bar is available in multiple color finishes, including black, blue, red, yellow, camo, silver, and black, to suit diverse consumer preferences.


Affordably priced

Sturdy construction

Multiple finishes

Ergonomic features

Available in diverse weight-bearing capacities for beginner, intermediate and elite fitness enthusiasts

Compatible with 2” Olympic weight plates


Does not feature needle bearing

Best Curl Bar on a Budget: ET ENERGIC 47-inch Olympic EZ Curl Bar

The E.T. ENERGIC 47-inch Olympic EZ curl bar combines sturdy construction and affordable pricing into one high-quality piece of workout equipment. Unlike products with similar specifications with a 300 lbs load-bearing capacity, the 47-inch E.T.ENERGIC curl bar has an outstanding 500 lbs weight-bearing capacity.

Besides its exceptionally high load-bearing capacity, the E.T. ENERGIC has various additional features that make it the go-to EZ curl bar for effective workout sessions. The 20 lbs curl bar has ergonomic shaft bends, allowing you to execute various curling movements without putting unnecessary strain on your wrists and arms.

It features a diamond knurling non-slip grain as an anti-slip measure. The diamond knurling on this curl bar is thicker than standard non-slip grains, providing anti-slip protection, even while executing close curls.

Moreover, it has friction-welded sleeves for a smooth spin. The friction-welded sleeves are another quality feature on the E.T.ENERGIC curl bar that sets it apart from the competition quality-wise. They feature two ball bearings and two brass bushings for a superior spin.

The multi-functional E.T. ENERGIC EZ curl bar is sturdy, featuring solid heavy-duty alloy steel that can withstand regular use. It is available in two equally sturdy electromagnetic coating finishes, black and red.

The electromagnetic coating allows for the even spread of the protective layer over sensitive product parts, prolonging a product’s shelf life. It creates an attractive coating with abrasion, chemical, and electrical resistance for unparalleled durability.


Available in multiple finishes

Affordably priced

High load-bearing capacity

Deep knurling

Friction-welded sleeves

Delivery done in sturdy, secure packaging


The purchase does not include any accessories

Most Robust Construction: RitFit 2-inch Olympic EZ Curl Bar With Weights

The RitFit brand has over a century of experience in the fitness industry, making affordably-priced premium-quality fitness gear to help you ace your fitness goals. Its Olympic EZ curl bar is no different and is the perfect weight-lifting gear to start or grow your home gym gear collection.

RitFit prioritizes various features when designing its Olympic EZ curl bar range to ensure product effectiveness and user safety. Below is an overview of the bar’s outstanding quality features.

The curl bar weighs 17.5 lbs (8kg) but has a slightly higher 350 lbs loading capacity, allowing beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts to challenge themselves. It features a volcano knurl pattern for a firm, slip-free grip.

Although most EZ curl bars feature the diamond knurl pattern, the volcano knurl pattern has multiple features that make it the optimal anti-grip solution. It has more points per square inch than the diamond pattern, increasing the surface area utilized in creating friction.

It creates sharp contact with the palm, complementing the generated friction with a firm grip. Nonetheless, it does not rip the palm’s skin.

Another unique RitFit curl bar feature is that the manufacturer utilized high-end technology while connecting the shaft and the sleeve into one integrated bar. The technology utilized helps eliminate the potential risks associated with shoddy construction. Therefore, you can work out and diversify your strength training routine without fear of accidents.

The 47-inch curl bar features bushing bearings on the rotating sleeves for a smooth rotation. Besides its quality features, the bar has a pocket-friendly price tag.

Also, it comes in three different finishes, including a chrome finish and a manganese phosphate coating. Therefore, you can choose the finish that you find most appealing.


Advanced volcano knurling

High 350 lbs load-bearing capacity

Affordably prices

Available in three different finishes

Ideal for diverse workout options, including spider curls, skull crushers, and preacher curls

Compatible with 2-inch Olympic weight plates


No collar and bar clips to support the Olympic plates

Best Value for Money: SPARTAA Olympic Barbell Weight Bar

SPARTAA designed their Olympic EZ curl weight bar for slow and fast lifting, intensifying your workout. It is the ideal weight-lifting gear to bring the gym into your home. The curl bar has various features to make you feel the burn, as highlighted below.

It has high tensile strength and a 300 lbs load-bearing capacity. Moreover, the curl bar is sturdy, thanks to its heavy-duty chrome steel construction and can support the recommended weight load with limited flexing and zero risk of permanent bending. The weight-lifting bar also features a protective coating finish to prevent corrosion and enhance durability.

The SPARTAA EZ curl bar comes with dual grip knurling made from cross-hatch pattern knurling. The double knurling provides superior anti-slip protection, helping you to keep working your muscles, despite sweat dripping. Also, the knurling prevents excessive strain and free spins that can cause injury to your wrists and arms.

Although this Olympic EZ curl bar has features equivalent to professional gym bars, it is affordable. Besides an Olympic-grade curl bar, the gear is compatible with two-inch Olympic weight plates, and each purchase includes two barbell collars to hold the plates in place.

Another helpful accessory on this curl bar is the foam cushion that helps protect you while you train. Therefore, consider adding it to your home gym for effective full-body endurance training sessions.


Versatile equipment ideal for various endurance training exercises

Multiple accessories (barbell collar and foam pad) give more value for money

Affordably priced

Sturdy construction and numerous safety features


Multiple buyers’ complaints that they did not receive the barbell collar and foam pad

Best Satisfaction Guarantee: Elevens 4 ft EZ Bar Curl Barbell

While most brands stand by their products, they do not provide sufficient evidence supporting the brand’s purported features. However, the Elevens brand conducts thorough testing on all their fitness equipment, including their 4 ft EZ curl bar.

The bar has high tensile strength at 190000 PSI and a weight-bearing capacity of up to 330 lbs, a load capacity ideal for beginner and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. Besides a high tensile strength, the bar features diamond knurling along its shaft bends to generate friction, supporting a firm grip.

Like most Elevens barbell models, this EZ curl bar has a good whip thanks to the bushings and needle bearings in its sleeve. Therefore, the sleeves spin effortlessly with zero risk of potentially injurious free spins.

The EZ curl barbell has a hard chrome finish with durability features, including corrosion resistance. It is available in various color finishes to meet diverse consumer needs.

As earlier stated, the Elevens brand values customer satisfaction; hence it tests all its products to ensure quality. Moreover, on this barbell, the brand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee meaning you receive a free-of-charge replacement on defective deliveries, provided you meet the requirements in their returns policy. You can contact the brand’s friendly customer service team for queries about the return policy or other product questions.


100% satisfaction guarantee

Extensive product testing

Affordably priced

High tensile strength

Brand has a helpful customer service team

Ideal for diverse exercise forms


The purchase does not include barbell collars.

To make things easier, the following is the side-by-side comparison of our top picks for EZ bars in 2023-

Product Name

Price ($-$$$)

Size (Length)

Weight Capacity

Finish (shaft/sleeves)

Average Rating

YESUNEED Olympic Barbell EZ Bar Curl



300-1000 lb

Powder-coated steel


1052 Reviews

Elevens Olympic Barbell EZ Curl Bar (15 lbs)



300 lb

Stainless steel


377 Reviews

Elevens Olympic Barbell EZ Curl Bar (22lbs)



330 lb

Stainless steel


158 Reviews

E.T. ENERGIC 47-inch Olympic EZ Curl Bar



500 lb

Alloy steel


98 Reviews

RitFit 2-inch Olympic EZ Curl Bar with Weights



300 lb

Alloy steel

85 Reviews

SPARTAA Olympic Barbell Weight Bar



300 lb

Chrome steel

80 Reviews

Elevens 4 ft EZ Bar Curl Barbell






16 Reviews

Image Source: Pexels.com

Why Buy an EZ Curl Bar?

As earlier stated, EZ curl bars have multiple mechanical design advantages over other weight-lifting equipment like straight barbells and dumbbells. Below are some reasons you should consider a curl bar when shopping for weight-lifting or strength-training equipment for your home gym.

Enhanced Muscle Activation and Isolation

Curl bars activate more muscles inside the triceps and biceps than other weight-lifting gear. The bar’s capacity to isolate more muscles allows for select muscle isolation. Enhanced muscle activation and isolation help build bigger lean muscle.

Smaller Size for Better Balance

Straight barbells are typically up to 7ft long, and balancing the 7ft bar, let alone adding weights, could force you to shift focus from the recommended form to a balancing act. Improper form while executing various exercises often causes reduced fat-burning efficiency and increased injury risk. However, EZ curl bars are approximately 4ft (47 inches) long and are clover to your center of gravity for enhanced balance.


EZ curl bars are versatile workout equipment, facilitating diverse workouts. Moreover, their ergonomic design makes them ideal for use by beginner and elite fitness enthusiasts.

Image Source: Unsplash.com

Buyers’ Guide for EZ Bars

Curl Bar Type

The curl bar type influences various factors, including weight capacity. So, how heavy are curl bars? Fixed curl bars include fixed weight plates, while Olympic weights are a single unit exclusive of weight plates. Therefore, curl bar types vary by weight capacity and adjustability.

Tensile Strength

Besides “how much do EZ bars weigh,” another crucial consideration is its weight-bearing capacity, listed as its tensile strength. The tensile strength influences durability and the variety of exercises you can do with the curl bar.

User Reviews

User reviews are free of bias and are instrumental and may include characteristics not included in standard product descriptions, helping you make an informed purchase.


EZ curl bars are inexpensive yet versatile fitness equipment that every fitness enthusiast should have in their home gym. However, searching for a high-quality curl bar on the internet is overwhelming. Hopefully, the product shortlisted above should help you take the hassle out of EZ curl bar shopping and find a bar with the ideal specifications to meet your fitness goals.

Steve (Qualfied Personal Trainer and Nutritionist)

Steve Theunissen has qualified from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He has over 30 years experience in fitness and nutrition and currently working with famous fitness professionals. He is currently living in New Zealand with is wife and daughter.

Steve Theunissen has qualified from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He has over 30 years experience in fitness and nutrition and currently working with famous fitness professionals. He is currently living in New Zealand with is wife and daughter.

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